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I had a homebirth and by the next morning I just knew that something wasn’t right with my son’s my latch, as breastfeeding was horribly painful. The first thing I did, the morning after my son was born, was call Whitney. I knew she was who to go to for breastfeeding support. Over the phone Whitney was able to give me some tips and discuss what to look for in the latch until I was able to make it into Maximized Chiropractic for an assessment in person. Long story short, we worked through tongue-tie issues, and I am still exclusively breastfeeding eight months later! At one point, when my son was about three weeks old, I walked into Maximized Chiropractic nearly in tears with a breast pump in hand looking for advice on how to exclusively pump because I was in so incredibly much pain. But thanks to the help of both Alex and Whitney we were able to get through the pain and within about 4 to 6 weeks my son’s latch got so much better and eventually breastfeeding was pain-free and truly enjoyable, the way it should be. I know I would not still be breastfeeding if it wasn’t for the support that Alex and Whitney provided for me.


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