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Oooh man, where do I begin!? With Sawyer, Whitney helped us so much when we started struggling with sleep while she was still in our room. She gave us tips to try (which worked within a week) and just encouraged us that we weren’t alone and that she (and other moms) had gone through it too. With being pregnant with Greyson (baby #4), she helped me with our birthing experience and making me feel confident to stand my ground with my wishes this time. Usually, I would just cave and listen to them to not be a “burden” but Whitney sparked confidence in me! She also helped me find a doctor late that aligned with my views. I felt comfortable saying no on certain things like the glucose test, the shot they want to give you, so many things…For labor the intermittent monitoring and movement and just saying no to some things I felt didn’t align. And let me tell you…it was so cool/freeing to see most of my wishes come alive this time! After Greyson was born, she came in clutch with nursing help when I was overproducing and needed some much-needed relief. Again, her help worked within days. Whitney also just encouraged us that we had a tribe at Maximized Chiropractic for all the newborn things. Whitney made me a more confident mama this time around in my abilities and instincts and I’m so grateful to her (and the whole team) for that. ? I’m probably missing things you have helped/encouraged us with, but chaos is around me at the moment hahaha!


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