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Come along with me on this journey to empowerment! Be informed, know your options, and leave your anxiety behind! Pregnancy and birth are beautiful. Let’s shift your mindset and take control, creating a narrative that appeals to YOU.



Pregnancy is such an exciting time but often full of unknowns. I created this course to help you feel more prepared and give you comfort in whatever choices you make. I want this experience to feel fun. I want you to feel supported in your decisions and know that there are always alternatives; it’s just a matter of finding the right support system and staying true to your desires and your belief systems.

Course topics included:

  1. Choosing your provider
  2. Staying active while growing babies
  3. Chiropractic (the Webster technique’s role in ensuring a faster, easier labor & delivery)
  4. Must-haves (all my favorite things in pregnancy as a minimalist mama)
  5. How to get the best night’s rest
  6. Discomforts to expect
  7. Birth preferences (creating your ideal birth because YOU DESERVE IT)
  8. Packing your hospital bag
  9. Hypnobirthing and hiring a doula
  10. Natural ways to kick start labor (if you’re feeling pressured by your provider or just plain old ready to have this baby)

As a labor nurse, lactation counselor, chiropractor’s wife, and mama of 4 littles, I will walk you through my own personal recommendations and why. Remember, this is never meant to be taken as medical advice and should always be researched and discussed with your care provider further to make the best decision for you and your baby.


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