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For years, I’ve spent my days birth planning, lactation counseling, helping moms sleep train and start baby led weaning, hosting Baby Cafes and empowered birth events, referring moms to resources for pregnancy stretches and proper posture to hopefully avoid breech and occiput posterior babies, incorporating Montessori ideology into the home, and so much more!

Your baby has little to no interest in food and spits it out immediately

Baby Led Weaning

You often find yourself Googling random sleep or nursing questions at 3 am


You are beginning to feel like one giant boob and your sole purpose in life is to breastfeed


The Maximized Mama program is your personal library of resources for your parenting journey, starting before baby is even here!


You’re a ball of anxiety and constantly worried you’re doing something ‘wrong’


Your kids expect you to do everything for them and have very little responsibility

Simple Parenting

You feel like a walking mombie and don’t know how you’ll possibly continue to live on so little sleep


hi there!

Welcome to Maximized Mama, a safe haven for natural, gentle parenting support.

My name is Whitney. I am a registered nurse with a background in labor and delivery and postpartum care, a certified lactation counselor (CLC), wife, mama to three cutie kiddos and two angel babies, with one special baby on the way!

Maximized Mama was born out of frustration and opportunity. Pregnant with our first child, Alex and I were in need of a place we could turn to for all the answers; somewhere or someone we could trust who was like-minded and could give us all the ‘BEST’ pregnancy and postpartum advice and resources.

Maximized Mama now provides parents assistance with pregnancy, birth planning, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, pumping, introducing solids, baby-led weaning, parenting through the beginning years and beyond!

Clients have come to appreciate our sincere and experienced advice, which isn’t a medical recommendation. We work in-step with the medical community and advise clients to always consult a trusted medical professional before making medical decisions.

Kelsey N.

Oooh man, where do I begin!? With Sawyer, Whitney helped us so much when we started struggling with sleep while…

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Maggie N.

I had a homebirth and by the next morning I just knew that something wasn’t right with my son’s my…

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Amanda Z.

Fourth baby in, you would think you know most everything right? Well, I was breastfeeding for a couple months and…

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Courtney S.

Whitney was easily one of my biggest supports going into birth and coming through on the other side postpartum. I…

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Common FAQ

How many courses are there?

There are 3 courses: Pregnancy, Baby, and Parenting Healthy Kids. The ‘Baby’ course is broken into 3 modules to cover all of birth to 1 year! For now, we have only released our Pregnancy course.

Who is each course designed for?

There is a course for parents in every stage of parenting from pregnancy to baby to raising happy kids!

How long will I have access to each course?

Once you’ve purchased the course, you’ll have access to all the information FOREVER!

How long is each course?

Each video ranges from 2-10 minutes to make it easy for busy parents to access when they get a free moment. Complete at your own pace and as needed for each stage in life! Each course also comes with a complimentary PDF to each lesson.

Do you offer any other resources for immediate information?

Yes! Please follow us on Instagram at @maximizedmamas for great ideas, tips, tricks, and valuable information! Ask a question in the comments or send us a DM. We will do our best to answer any questions we receive.




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